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PM Modi's Appeal to Indian Citizens in this

·         Prime Minister Modi appealed to further the use of digital payments all over the nation. He said, “ Yes to digital payments and no to cash.” ·         PM Modi stressed on need to make India free from single use plastic. He said the time for implementing such an... Read More »


The biggest treasure a human possesses is their health. The importance of health is continuously stressed upon by the government and various NGOs. The most urgent need in the country is the emphasis on the health of the women and children as due to the biological differences they are more prone to the health problems faced in the country.There exists a necessary to... Read More »

Sachin Tendulkar Appeals, "Let's Make The

One of the best cricketers ever and Mumbai's local boy Sachin Tendulkar has joined hands with Western Railways in order to spread an important message to the people in the city and across the country.Tendulkar, in association with the Railways, has come out with a video urging and appealing the rail users to "make the travel for women commuters safe," and urged them... Read More »

Akshay Kumar makes impromptu fundraising

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar comes forward to raise funds for the Indian Armed Forces and in some minutes crores are gathered.Actor Akshay Kumar’s love for the cause of Indian Armed Forces is well known by now. The website, launched in April by the Ministry of Home Affairs after a suggestion from the actor, saw a record windfall on Monday,... Read More »