Ambulance stuck in traffic at GS Road as crowds flock to see Katrina during ‘Kalyan Jewellers’ launch in Ghy

Guwahati, Aug 12: Traffic on Sundays in Guwahati is pretty sparse and it is a welcome break from the otherwise cumbersome long rows of cars on the GS Road bumper to bumper.

But it wasn’t that way in Guwahati as the inauguration of a jewellery showroom of ‘Kalyan Jewellers’ on GS Road ensured that the traffic on the arterial route was stranded for much longer than even on busy weekdays.

Bollywood Superstar Katrina Kaif was supposed to attend the event to launch the showroom and her visit has been highly publicised in the run-up to the D Day. Hence, the fans of the actress made way to the venue, the new showroom on GS Road.

The organizers, however, failed to foresee such a situation and as a result of this, the crowd spilled on to the GS Road, the same route that leads to some of the biggest hospitals in the region, including the Guwahati Medical College and Hospital.

The picture above speaks volumes about the lack of preparedness of the organizers as an Ambulance is seen stuck in the traffic as the crowds ensured a total standstill and no movement of vehicles was seen for some time as people jostled to catch a glimpse of the Diva.

It also has been alleged by some bystanders that the organizers used the GS Road as a venue for the crowd gathered there to have a glimpse of the Bollywood actress.

Source:  Time8

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