How Feeding India helping in Floods of Assam and Bihar

How Feeding India is Helping

Feeding India is sending food relief packets to floods affected areas of Assam and Bihar by road / air. Flood affected individuals and families have no access to food grains and kitchens, thus are going hungry for days. To provide these families support, Feeding India is sending food relief packets.


You Can Help

Volunteer to take action on ground (Help Needed!):Feeding India volunteers (Hunger Heroes) are getting together in teams at multiple locations and helping as much as possible.

Provide critical food relief directly through Zomato (Closed):

They collected funds Rs. 54,70,100 via the Zomato mobile App. A rupee-by-rupee count is being maintained by us to track our relief support. Feeding is is distributing family and individual kits containing monthly ration and basic necessity items in 2 cities of Assam (Guwahati and Johrat) and Bihar.

Donate Relief Material to Drop off Points in your city (Help Needed!)

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