Students spread awareness on social issues through play

As part of weekly ‘Friday Production’, students of B.A Acting programme performed sequences of plays directed by veteran Indian theatre director, Feisal Alkazi and his team members, Mona Chawla and Vishwakant Singha, at Amity University Sector 125 Noida. The students performed the thought-provoking sequences depicting social values, life choices and their consequences based on social issues such as women empowerment, marital issues and disability struggles etc.


“The brilliant act of the students is an outcome of the 10-day long workshop and these performances are the opening sequences of different plays learnt during the workshop. During the 10-day workshop, students were exposed to the techniques of approaching the script, performing and taking up different roles and characters among other things,” said Alkazi. The play was attended by hundreds of students, faculty members and senior officials of the university.

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